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About Printorium !

Printorium Printers.. Serving you since 2003

Printorium Printers Islamabad was established in 2003. We have a vast experience in printing field and are a full-service company dedicated to the complete realization of quality printing. Customer service, high-quality printing and state of the art technology are taken very seriously at Printorium Printers. Each day, highly skilled and dedicated employees strive to make our customers’ experience with us go beyond satisfaction in every way. This is why we are one of the leading printing services providers in Islamabad.


Our highly skilled design team is capable of converting your ideas into a graphic layout ready to print or publish.


We provide all type printing including Offset, Screen, Digital, Panaflex, Give aways, T-shirts, Caps,Pens, Mugs etc.

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Offset Printing

Business cards, Flyers, Brochures, File Covers, Envelopes, Bill Books, Catalogues, Letterheads


Panaflex printing, Banners, Hoarding Boards, Streamers, Frame Streamers, Posters, Web Design, Digital Marketing

Promo/Give aways

T-Shirt printing, Mugs, Pens, Caps, Key Chains, Diaries, Folders, Wall Clocks, Shields, USB, Wallets


Exceptional Designing

Our Qualified Design team creates amazing print and web designs 


Meeting Timelines

We achieve our goals by setting Timelines according to our customers' requirements.


Awesome Printing

High quality of printing is what makes Printorium Printers stand out amongst our competitors.


Value of Money

Superb Designing, Timely Printing and best customer services at Printorium Printers gives you value of your money

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